Extrusion Equipment

Extruders GS for Rubber Cables

The GS/k cold feed extruders are dedicated to the cable industry and designed according to the latest developments in process technology, setting benchmarks in output and production quality.


  • Special designed rubber extruders GS

    • High output with or without breaker plates
    • Temperature control by water heating/cooling units
    • 130 years of experience in rubber processing technology
  • Various Model Types

    • Type GS/k (cold feed extruder)
    • Type GSV (vertical design)
    • Type QSM (pin-type extruder)


  • Extruders GS for Rubber Cables

    • 614.3KB
    • pdf
  • Triple Cross Head TQu

    • 448KB
    • pdf
  • Single and Double Cross Heads Qu and DQu

    • 417.3KB
    • pdf

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