CV lines for MV, HV and EHV Cables from TROESTER. The main emphasis of our product range is placed on the production of cores and sheathing, rubberinsulated cores and conductors, as well as CV lines for medium and high voltage cables.

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Cable Products

TROESTER is the company for you when it comes to cable lines of any type. The excellent results produced by our extrusion technology, coupled with optimal control and regulation systems, have turned TROESTER into a competent manufacturer of complete lines and individual machines in the cable sector. Extensive know-how means flexibility for customers. The spectrum ranges from re-fitting or changing existing lines with TROESTER machines all the way to implementing new cable system technologies.

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Made in germany

“Made in Germany” is a symbol for reliable and durable investment solutions. The lasting value of this label is based on precise technical development, skilled craftsmanship and the ability to offer customers competent service throughout the entire product life cycle. As a visible sign of this quality guarantee, TROESTER labels each machine according to its origin.

To ensure that “made in Germany” remains a promise of excellent quality in the future, we take the training and further education of our employees very seriously. Innovations “made in Germany” emerges from their network of knowledge and skills, which ensures our company’s success.