Extrusion Equipment

Extruders PXA/PXF for Plastics Processing

The PX series is used to provide the insulation and sheathing of electrical cores, conductors and cables; either as a single extruder or an extruder group.


  • PXA Extruders, electrical heated and air-cooled

    • high-performance ceramic heater bands
    • integrated cooling elements with powerful radial fansfor air cooling
  • PXF Extruders, fluid temperature control

    • barrel temperature control by water or oil heating/cooling units
  • PXV Extruders in vertical design

    • Vertical arrangement of extruder type PXA or PXF
    • fixed or movable frame for flexible application.


  • Extruders PXA/PXF for Plastics Processing

    • 362KB
    • pdf
  • Triple Cross Head TQu

    • 448KB
    • pdf
  • Single and Double Cross Heads Qu and DQu

    • 417.3KB
    • pdf

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